Dr. Yena Do specializes in Trauma, Diabetic Wound Care, Orthopedic and Plastic foot surgery and reconstruction (i.e. skin flaps, fractures, bunions, hammertoes), Skin/Nail disorders (i.e. infections, moles, fungus, ingrown nail infections, warts), Pain management and treatment (i.e. metatarsalgia, neuropathy, heel pain/plantar fasciitis), Biomechanical correction (i.e. orthotics, orthopedic and diabetic shoes), and Pediatric foot correction (In-toe gait, curly toes, flat feet, and plastic reconstruction).

Dr. Yena Do relocated her office from Central Massachusetts to North Cambridge in 2007. The office is modern and fully equipped to x-ray and treat most ailments. She performs surgery at Mt. Auburn Hospital, Cambridge Health Alliance (Cambridge and Whidden), and Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Yena Do has treated over 15,000 patients from a wide age-range beginning from birth to the geriatric years. Her patient population includes athletes, working professionals, college students, children, and retirees.

Dr. Yena Do has been appointed “Leading Expert Podiatric Physician” in MedHelp, which is the nation’s leading online medical health community forum that connects people to expert medical specialists.

Dr. Yena Do regularly lectures on professional Podiatry topics and has appeared on WGBH and New England Cable News(NECN).

Interview on NECN Healthweek

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